How to Use Katapult on Amazon

How to Use Katapult on Amazon: Complete Guide to Flexible Payments [2024]

Find out how to use Katapult on Amazon to get the products you want today, even with a limited credit score. I will explain the methods step by step.

Do you sometimes look at something on Amazon but think, “Wow, I wish I could pay for it little by little”? The good news is that you can! Katapult is a payment solution that helps you achieve what you want so much, dividing payments over time.

If your credit is not the best, don’t worry, Katapult does not evaluate your credit in a traditional way. In this blog, I will explain everything you need to know to use Katapult on Amazon.

What is Katapult?

Katapult is essentially a “lease to own” option. It is not a loan, but a lease with an option to buy. This means you can use the product immediately while completing payments over time. At the end of the rental, the product is yours! And if something changes, you have the flexibility to return it, as long as you notify Katapult.

Methods to use Katapult on Amazon

There are three great ways to use Katapult on Amazon:

 1. Katapult Pay: Your magical virtual card!

Do you know that feeling? You see the IDEAL item on Amazon and think, “I need this in my life RIGHT NOW!” But, if you’re a little short on funds this month, don’t worry! That’s where Katapult Pay comes in to save you. Is that how it works:

  1. Download the Katapult Pay extension: The first thing is to install the Katapult Pay extension in your Chrome browser.
  2. Look for the “K” sign: When you start filling your cart on Amazon, look closely for a “K” (the Katapult logo) to appear. If you see that “K” near the products, it’s your lucky day! It means that Katapult is available and you can take that purchase in installments.
  3. The “mini interview”: Click on the Katapult button. It will ask you for basic information to verify that you are a real person and capable of making payments. Don’t worry, this process is quick, and Katapult doesn’t rely solely on your traditional credit history.
  4. Moment of truth!: Almost instantly, Katapult will tell you if you have been approved. The great thing is that they will also tell you the most you can spend that time.
  5. Your Entry Key: If the magic flows in your favor, Katapult will provide you with a unique virtual card. It is like a special digital card, with its own number, expiration date and security code (CVV). Use this card on Amazon to complete your order as if it were a normal credit card!
Katapult Pay extension

It’s like digital magic (with some details)

It is essential to understand that the first payment will be a little higher because it includes an initial amount. It’s also a good idea to always review the details of your payment plan with Katapult before purchasing, just to make sure of the dates and monthly amounts.

2. Exploring the Katapult Marketplace: Direct Options

In addition to shopping on Amazon and taking advantage of Katapult’s extension or partners, you can go directly to their “Katapult Marketplace.” How does it work? I’ll explain to you!

  1. The exclusive showcase: Visit the Katapult website and look for the section called “Marketplace” or something similar. There you will find different retail stores that have a direct agreement with Katapult. Some well-known ones are Wayfair, Overstock, Lenovo, and even well-known brands of appliances or mattresses.
  2. Installment paradise: The advantage of buying within the Katapult Marketplace is that everything from the start is optimized for “lease to own.” It’s almost always easy to qualify for financing by searching for your products there.
  3. Sometimes you find surprises: Apart from making the process easier, suddenly there are discounts or special conditions exclusive to the Katapult Marketplace! It’s worth comparing before deciding where to buy.
Katapult Marketplace

In a nutshell

Imagine the Katapult Marketplace as a small shopping center where you know that each store sells with the option to pay in flexible installments and fast approvals. It can be very convenient for certain types of purchases, even larger ones where you need to plan a little.

3. The Friends of Katapult: Different options, same style

Sometimes while browsing Amazon, when you check the “purchase options” next to the product price, you may find things like “Pay in 4 installments” or “Financing available.” That’s where Katapult’s friends come in. Essentially, these are different companies that offer installment financing plans, similar to Katapult Pay. Some of the most common names are Affirm, Wayfair Financing, among others.

This is how the process works:

  1. The moment of choice: You are going to select the Katapult partner you prefer (sometimes it influences which one offers the best conditions). Each one works slightly differently, but the idea is the same.
  2. The express application: You will be redirected to the partner’s website to fill out a short application. They usually ask you basic questions and do a check similar to Katapult Pay (without checking your credit in depth!).
  3. The devil is in the details: If you’re approved, just like with Katapult Pay, they tell you how much you can spend at that moment. Review the details carefully, such as interest rates and the payment schedule.
  4. Time to return to Amazon: You return to your product on Amazon and finish the purchase, but this time selecting the financing option of the partner you chose. They will provide you with the credentials and information you need to pay.

Why are they offering you this?

Basically, Amazon and these financial companies are like colleagues working together to make it easier for you to shop (although the idea is to do so responsibly!). Katapult helps both Amazon to sell more, and helps people to be able to access purchases that perhaps would be complicated in cash.

Eye! The trick also works the other way around.

Sometimes, you’ll want to go directly to partners like Affirm or Wayfair Financing and apply to get your pre-approval and line of credit from there! Then you search for the products you want on Amazon, always checking if the partner you selected appears available as a payment method.

Additional Tips

Katapult charges a low down payment at the time of your purchase. Carefully read the terms of the lease (duration, monthly payments, early purchase option, etc.). In some cases, getting the best financing possible requires applying directly on the Katapult website.

Start shopping with Katapult!


I hope I have cleared your mind on how to use Katapult on Amazon. In my opinion, it’s a great option for those who prefer to avoid credit cards or break up large purchases into manageable payments.

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