Omada Scale Error 5

How To Fix Omada Scale Error 5 | Step-by-Step Guide [2024]

Are you staring in frustration at “error 5” on your Omada scale? Don’t worry! This cryptic message signals a communication problem, but it’s usually something easy to fix. In this blog, I will guide you through the steps to resolve it.

What does “error 5” mean on an Omada scale?

In simple words, “error 5” means that your scale is failing to send weight data to the app. This is usually due to a temporary network interruption, such as when you have a low data or WiFi signal.

Simple Solutions for Fix Omada Scale Error 5

Take a deep breath and try again! Sometimes, network problems correct themselves, especially if they are brief. Weigh yourself again after a couple of minutes.

Improve the signal! Move the scale to an area with a better signal, near a window or on a higher floor. See if your cell phone has a good signal; that gives you a clue!

See your progress: 

Open the Omada app, go to the “Progress” section and look to see if your weight was recently recorded. It usually updates after 5 minutes.

Does the problem persist?

If you frequently see “error 5” or “error 6”, the network range may not be optimal throughout your home. Try these solutions:

  • Contact Omada if you don’t have cell phone coverage: They may allow you to enter your pesos manually into the app.
  • Talk to Omada if the outage is too long: If you see errors for days, they may need to review it further.

Extra to be sure!

Write down the day and time when you get “error 5.” This helps you identify patterns and is of great help if you need to contact the Omada team.

In summary

The Omada scale “error 5” should not be a source of stress. Most of the time, just try again and make sure you have a good signal. If the problem persists, Omada’s excellent support team will help you fix it.

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