What is Glority Global Charge On Credit Card

What is Glority Global Charge On Credit Card? Solved [2024]

Nowadays, many Google app store users discuss about Glority global charges on the web. If you face exact related charges in your account, we will explain what a Glority global charge on the credit card is and how to cancel it. First, you should know what Glority Global is.

The company Glority LLC is the owner of numerous online services and applications. Examples of these are Plant Parent, Picture This, and Mobile Scanner. That said, you are probably a subscriber to one or more of the applications developed by Glority LLC if you notice charges from this company in your Google Play account. Furthermore, it’s possible that you downloaded a program’s trial version before it went up for purchase. 

How do you cancel a Glority Global subscription?

If you have the Glority Global charge in your account and can’t find how to cancel your Glority Global subscription, try doing it through your Google Play app store.

  1. Navigate to the Payments and Subscriptions area of your account.
  2. Cancel your Glory subscription
  3. Next, find the Glority LLC app.
  4. You need to choose Cancel Subscription as the next step.
How do you cancel a Glority Global subscription

And that’s it! With regard to the Google Glority LLC app, you have canceled.

In Summery

Note that if you only want to pause your subscription. A profile icon can be clicked to access Payments and Subscriptions. Locate the necessary subscription. After tapping Manage, choose the option to pause your subscription. Use carefully. In the upcoming payment cycle, the money will be restored.

If you want more information regarding Global glority charges, contact Glority Global official support mail at support@picturethisai.com or the Glority Global website.

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