What is Ticketmaster Presales Code

What is Ticketmaster Presale Code? How to Get It [2024]

Concert tickets, sporting events, theater shows – oh my! It feels like the hottest tickets sell out in a flash. But there’s a secret weapon to getting ahead of the game: presales. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about the ins and outs of presale codes on Ticketmaster, you’ve come to the right place.

What does presale mean on Ticketmaster?

A presale is a special early-access window where fans can buy tickets before they go on sale to the general public. This means you get to score seats ahead of the rush, increasing your chances of getting the tickets you want.  There are a few common types of presales:

  • Fan Club Presales: Many artists have official fan clubs offering presale codes to members.
  • Credit Card Presales: Some credit card companies partner with Ticketmaster to give cardholders exclusive codes.
  • Venue Presales: The venue hosting the event might offer its own presale.
  • Artist Presales: The artist themselves might release a code for early ticket sales.
  • Radio Presales: Local radio stations often host contests or giveaways for presale access.
  • Live Nation/Promoter Presales: Concert promoters, such as Live Nation, may have their own presales for fans on their email lists.
  • Album/Merchandise Bundle Presales: Sometimes fans who pre-order the artist’s new album or buy merchandise get a code for early ticket access.

Where Do I Find a Ticketmaster Presale Code?

Here’s the good news – Presale codes are everywhere if you know where to look:

  • The Artist’s Website and Social Media: This is always the first place to check for any Presale information.
  • Fan Club Emails: Join mailing lists for artists or sports teams and stay tuned.
  • Credit Card Websites: See if your bank or credit card issuer has any entertainment partnerships.
  • Venue/Ticketmaster Emails: Subscribe to mailing lists from local venues and Ticketmaster.

How to use presale code on Ticketmaster?

  1. Find Your Event: Search for your desired event on Ticketmaster.
  2. The Time Matters: Presales usually start at a specific time, so be on the website a few minutes beforehand.
  3. Look for the Unlock Button: It’s typically located near the “Find Tickets” section. It might also be labeled as “Offer Code” or “Got a Code?”
  4. Paste and Punch It: Enter your Presale code carefully in the designated field and click “Unlock” or “Apply.”
  5. Race to the Tickets: If everything works, you’ll have access to a special pool of tickets before the general public. Act fast because even Presale tickets can go quickly!
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Important Tips

  • Read the Fine Print: Some presales have limited ticket availability or restrictions on seating sections.
  • Patience is Key: High demand can cause websites to slow down. It’s okay to keep refreshing the page.
  • Multiple Devices: Sometimes trying on a different device (like switching from desktop to phone) helps get you through.

Pro Tips for Getting Ticketmaster Presale Codes

  • Follow Your Favorites: Be proactive and follow your favorite artists, venues, sports teams, and even Ticketmaster on social media. Announcements about presales frequently appear there.
  • Be a Savvy Credit Card User: Check the benefits and rewards programs associated with your credit cards. You might be surprised to find entertainment perks and presale access.
  • Get on Multiple Mailing Lists: Subscribe to email lists from venues, fan clubs, promoters, and any relevant partners to maximize your chances of receiving codes.
  • Take Advantage of Technology: There are browser extensions and websites that can help track and aggregate presale code information – just be sure to only use reputable sources.

Don’t Forget

Presales are great, but they don’t guarantee that you’ll get the perfect tickets. The earlier you join fan clubs, check social media, and sign up for alerts, the better your chances of landing your dream seats!


Are presale tickets typically more expensive?

No, presale tickets usually cost the same as when they go on sale to the general public. The advantage is getting access before everyone else.

Can I combine multiple presale codes?

Usually not. Most presales only allow you to use one code per transaction.

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